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We make software that endures, which is responsive to changing needs, which leverages emerging technologies…

Over the last thirty five years, over hundred small and large organisations in the private and public sector have been provided software packages, implementation and data processing services and project consultancy by Systems Dynamics.

Today SD provides ready made, and customisable, enterprise wide business applications suite and knowledge management with business process and workflow modelling packages that could be used across all industries and government organisations. These programs can be offered both as server (at premises) license and in SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription model.

SD runs an ITeS in the domain of human expertise mapping and people matching which is based on a sophisticated program developed in-house with unique capabilities of high precision profiling and automated matching. This program is offered along with support of a client service executive to large recruiters.

The applications developed by SD are chosen for their strategic impact or inventiveness rather than mere “computerization”. The company has a modern infrastructure that is continually upgraded with latest Java and .NET platforms. SD is ready to take up software development projects anywhere in India and rest of the English speaking world.

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Director’s Message

We aim to work in the space of software products and IT enabled services, which is recognized to be innovative and deliver significant value to users…

We aim to work in the space of software products and IT enabled services for business, government and education sectors by conceiving, designing, developing and operating solutions that are recognized to be innovative and deliver significant value to users.

We will provide work for people who believe in work ethic and who desire continuous up-gradation of their competencies. We will strive to provide a working environment that rewards creativity and merit and that is based on principles of equal opportunity and which is a stress free fun place without being frivolous. We shall be transparent in all dealings with employees, customers and other stake holders, take from others no more than what is legitimately due and promise only what we can deliver.

Shashi Srivastava
— Director

Vision & Goals

To build and implement fabulous software solutions that work like force multipliers for knowledge workers…


To build and sustain world class software solutions and at any point of time have at least one solution that is recognized to be the best in the world in its class or one which has a fan mail of at least 1,000 users per day or which delivers an economic value to users in excess of one billion dollars. To create, within one year, the delivery vehicle with in-house infrastructure, professionals’ team, networked resource persons and business partner alliances so as to attain the aforementioned recognition before the end of 2018.


With compact teams and a flat hierarchy we can deliver cost effectively many great solutions…

Company Constitution
Incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 of the Indian Union, Systems Dynamics (Software) Pvt. Ltd. (SDSPL) has its registered office at Ahmedabad, India. It is registered with Export Software Council, Govt. of India with RCMC No: 02:E&CSEPC:DEL:REG:985:Abad 91-92.

Systems Dynamics is a member of NASSCOM.
Board Constitution
The executive directors of the company are Indian citizens and between them they have over fifty years of industry experience:

The founder director, Mr. Anil Srivastava, holding BE (Hon.) EE degree from Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, has over thirty years of software development experience – he is the principal business model and technical architect of the company. Mrs. Shashi Srivastava has worked as a software developer and project manager in the company for over twenty years – apart from certain products development, she manages HR, License and security administration. Mrs. Ruchi Srivastava is an IT Projects Consultant and has worked in different sectors for six years and is a BE (Textiles) Engineer with a Gold medal from Gujarat University – she looks after the communications and outsourcing activities of the company.

Advisers to the board

Dr. V.L. Mote, Emeritus Professor of IIM-Ahmedabad & IMD, Lausanne who has served on the boards of several big companies is a corporate strategy expert and author of many books and papers.

Vijay Rao who is a result oriented entrepreneurial CEO with international experience managing international Fortune-500 companies and startups . Extensively involved in Board Management, Fundraising, Sales and Operations; Developed complementary skills as an entrepreneur in startup environments; Over 34-year track record in the e-Recruitment, Business Process Outsourcing, Communications and Electronics industries; MBA from Colorado University and BE (Hon) from BITS, Pilani.

Project Teams
The organisation comprises compact teams with a flat hierarchy structure. The company engages qualified and experienced software developers and systems support staff with four or five teams and each is headed by a team lead.


Respect for resources comes quickly if you have used punched cards then and pen drives now…

Systems Dynamics was started in 1972 when the systems were written in FORTRAN and COBOL. The founder, had a team of programmers who worked with bought-out time on IBM 360, PDP 11 and HP 3000 systems. In 1986, Systems Dynamics (Software) Pvt. Ltd. (SDSPL) was formed to address the software export market.

Prior to 2000, SD and SDSPL developed a number of business applications decision support systems, product-mix optimisation and media planning packages. These applications were used by small to large enterprises in India and U.K.

From 2000 onwards, SD concentrated on development of two major products. First is a people matching program coupled with an IT enabled Service with IBM mid-range servers using J2EE platform. And the second is an integrated business applications suite based on .NET Framework of Microsoft – this product is called SDBS. Both these applications have been field tested and productionised with paying customers. Apart from these applications which are used by both domestic and overseas customers, there are a few custom-built applications developed for US / UK based customers.

During the last few years SD has also developed a software product called Ensemble that combines functions of knowledge management, Business Process Modeling and Workflow, Intelligent Communication and Tasks for collaborative working. The objective of this application is to create a quick response and learning organisation. This application too is based on the .NET platform and integrated with SDBS.

SD has an office located in western part of Ahmedabad with modern mid-range servers, development tools and high speed Internet connection. Also, it has arrangement with a large data centre to deploy applications requiring VLDBs or DR machines. SD is an advanced business partner of IBM and a basic partner of Microsoft and Intel.


We believe progress comes from collaboration and partnerships…

Existing associates:

Systems Dynamics has basic business partnerships with leading technology vendors. These include IBM, Microsoft and Sun. It also has an understanding with a large Network and IT provisioning company for DR sites and deployment of VLDBs for selected clients.

Business associates required:

Provide a lead for SDBS client and earn up to Rs.50K depending upon the type of license finalized (server or SaaS and number of users); this represents 2-3% commission. You just have to tell us the buyer’s name and address and we will register your lead with a validity of six months.

Provide pre-sales consultations for SDBS prospects and earn higher commissions. Some training will be a prerequisite.

Provide post sales implementation support and earn still higher commissions and also a share from the implementation fees which could be in millions of rupees for each SDBS client. Dedicated resource to be provided training at SD as well as on the job training will be arranged.

SD is looking for suitable tie-ups with chartered accountants and recruitment consultants in the English-speaking world who can not only use the ready-made software themselves but also sell and install it at client sites. They can collaborate and provide their services much more efficiently to their clients regardless of geographic location using our software.

Similarly, the business process modelling and knowledge management tools can be used by management consultants in their own practice and also implemented at their client sites by them. They can leverage their knowledge and using our software they can collaborate with their clients in architecting the target organisation or any of its business unit(s). The business model refers to physical and logical organisation models, the process model and the interaction model of processes versus employees, workflow with business rules etc.

SD can detail the processes to be integrated in the business of associates while using such web-based collaborative tools. The associates can then increase their billings by moving up the value chain and get an enduring buy-in with their clients.

The ITES of people matching for both jobs and matrimonial requires people intermediaries who could be independent agents and entrepreneurs. They can enroll and provide services to potential users who are not Internet savvy or those who prefer personalised services. Such “franchisees” will be provided training by SD and continuous support. The investment they make will be mostly in assets that they will own – office space, PCs with Internet, scanner and printer etc.

Stake holders / Investors:

SD is open to alliances with associates and investors so as to accelerate scaling up or augment sales and distribution capabilities or acquire new customers or work with Governments on e-Governance or Employment Exchange automation projects anywhere in the world.

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