1. Case study of RECRUIT

A very large international consulting company with offices in many cities in India decided to use JOBSAtAnytime (JAA) and RECRUIT program to streamline its recruitment at all levels. To find candidates quickly they were accessing databases of all major Job Boards and they had also collected tens of thousands of email applications in response to their recruitment ads costing millions of rupees. Yet they were falling behind the expectations of requisitioning line managers so they expressed interest in evaluating the recruitment solution offered by Systems Dynamics.

The solution comprised a simplified JAA program that required 15 minutes for a job applicant to register online and JAA+ which was much more elaborate but required at least 60 minutes for online registration. Both programs were found to be far more advanced in terms of precision in profiling and matching than any program being used by the company. The HR Director and Senior Managers of the company realized that they needed to work with defined recruitment processes, build properly defined job position repository and unify the candidates and applicants resumes and attributes into a single repository for collaborative working. As these are just the capabilities offered by JAA and JAA+ programs they decided to initially try out JAA.

There was skepticism among some managers that online forms will not be filled up by candidates. As a first step, the company obtained all folders of recent email applications and parsed the data through RECRUIT program that was installed in the company’s main HR office. Two rounds of emails were sent out to about 10,000 applicants who had responded to their ads of two months ago. The email campaign was run asking the applicants to register online and apply so that through automated processes the company could make scientific and accurate assessments for making relevant offers. About 30% of “old applicants” responded by visiting the JOBSAtAnytime URL where the job details of the old recruitment ad was displayed. About 60% of these candidates decided to register and the company could thus get 18% (i.e. about 1800 records) qualified candidates’ data in their RECRUIT repository within 20 days. It is well known that email applications cost nothing more than just a couple of clicks. Therefore, many irrelevant applications are sent by candidates who are clearly ineligible and also others who are just curious but not serious about the advertised jobs. Only interested candidates who are prima facie eligible, respond when online applications are invited without email option (15 to 20% qualified applicants among email respondents may be considered to be a pretty good proportion).

The RECRUIT program can now be used for short-listing and tracking candidates by all managers and recruitment officers across the country in a collaborative manner. In the first round, six officers have gone through a two day training session in the use of the program. In the meanwhile, the company has decided to release further recruitment ads which will be compact (saving 50% advertising cost) as candidates will be asked to go online to read details about each job title advertised and apply online only. The recruiting officers have realized the benefits of working with a shareable repository which has a good design and offers dynamic updation of master lists of expertise attributes. The company hires specialists all the time and it is important to meet the requirements in hundreds and thousands of domains. It is expected that cost efficiencies will also be realized by avoiding sending emails to each other. The busy managers will waste less time in sending emails with attachments, making independent notes and then spend time again in putting all the relevant notes together for making final offer based on individual assessments, referee comments etc. Now all data and schedules are housed in a single repository that is accessible 24×7 by any authorized officer in the company.


2. Case study of SDBS Integrated Business Suite:

A well established Accounting Services firm in UK having over 2500 clients has purchased the Business Applications Suite through its Indian partner, an accounting and financial services BPO. The staff of the company were using Sage and Pegasus accounting packages. The Business Suite comprises several modules, however, of interest to this particular clients was limited to – Financial Accounting and Auditing modules. These programs would enable the Accounting Services company to outsource a large portion of their work to India and concentrate efforts on auditing practice which could be done substantially without leaving their offices. Their clients will also find considerable value in being able to access their accounts 24 x 7 since the program is web based. The program has robust security and it allows very flexible but rule based accounting. The business model could be replicated anywhere in the English-speaking world.

3. National Process Pvt. Ltd. Case study of SDBS

National Process Private Limited, is a leading Manufacturer of Barcodes and Stickers Labels in Ahmedabad. NPPL is one of the oldest users of SDBS Integrated Business Suite and has implemented all base modules. To understand how SDBS was implemented and how it benefited NPPL, read more.