1. What kind of applications can you deliver?

SD has developed numerous business applications, custom-built or as products, which help in achieving operational efficiencies or decision making related to resource allocations. Some of the applications utilize mathematical modeling with contributions from eminent experts in quantitative techniques and knowledge or process management areas. These applications have involved effort ranging from few man-months to hundred man-years. The programs were deployed on PCs, mid-range servers and even main-frames.


2. What is your current focus/expertise?

SD is currently focused on delivery of solutions in the domains of business applications that are enterprise-wide, running an ITES that automates matching of people with complementary requirements, knowledge management and human expertise mapping and repository management of candidates, employees and students. SD has infrastructure and software engineers to develop and deliver highly scalable solutions on the J2EE and .NET platforms.


3. How can we engage your services?

Write to us with your specific requirements in the online enquiry form and we will set-up a no obligation demo of a ready-made solution if it appears to fit your requirements or else we can set up a NET meeting which can be conducted with a short-notice and 10 minutes preparation. All you need is a PC connected to Internet!


Have any further queries? Write to us and we will get back to you shortly…


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