Organizations facing rapidly changing business and workforce conditions in a Knowledge driven economy look to internal training programs to disseminate learning and information. Some of the facts about the corporate training are:

  • Training employees is vital today
  • Productivity of a trained employee is higher
  • With a trained employee you have better customer satisfaction
  • Business may remain stagnant or decrease due to lack of training
  • Refresher courses are also required to maintain productivity
  • Training for corporate is an ongoing phenomenon

The process of educating employees, partners and customers, so that an enterprise can achieve its desired level of business performance sooner than if people had been left to work things out for themselves. The issues that arise are often human as well as technology. In other words, still there is a lot to be managed optimally …

  • Some key persons missed the program
  • The best trainer could not be hired
  • Enough training not available to each employee
  • No means to evaluate the training effectiveness and recall over a period
  • Unable to provide enough training on new launches and updates
  • How to conduct induction program for each employee individually
  • Opportunity cost of time spent on training is high
  • Information-sharing platform for employees from different regions does not exist
  • How to manage training for each job role in the company
  • Limited training budgets

Implementation of Systems and Processes which would add human support and interaction between Trainees and instructors through;

  • Web and other enhanced technologies
  • Effective Learning Content Creation
  • Synchronous content delivery
  • Online tutors or e-coaches
  • An opulent set of assessment capabilities to evaluate Trainees’ work
  • Automating and Optimizing Administrative Processes

ICL has four components to enhance your corporate learning deployment and training


  • General Portal
  • Trainee / Employee Portal
  • Trainers Portal
  • Management Portal

Learning Management System

  • Managing Programs, Courses, Training Modules
  • Online Lectures
  • Online Seminars/ Workshops
  • Tutorials
  • Assignments
  • Online Exams and Quizzes


  • Notices
  • Emails
  • Discussion Boards
  • Educational Chat Sessions
  • Corporate Library
  • Training Time Table Online
  • Attendance Online

Value Added Utilities

  • Online Self Registration
  • Course Enrollment Handling
  • Exams, Assessments and Results

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