Our Strengths

Quality Policy

Our developers and testers are oriented to do their work right the first time. For important functions, there are multiple levels of checks with both white box and black box testing approaches. This means adopting methods and techniques that prevent mistake and those that do occur are caught as early as possible.

The quality of design translates into tangible user benefits – and these are responsiveness to changing business needs. No system is static and no operating environment is constant. Our software has endured for two decades with some clients as we have been able to make the necessary changes without disrupting the users work.

Among the tools used for development, maintenance and problem tracking we have both bought-out tools and in-house programs. For example, UML through Visio, Ensemble for internal communications and AMS (Alert Management Systems) which is available for use of all licensed customers tracks all problems and issues through the complete life cycle and enables internal and external users to escalate issues.

Security Policy

The clients’ data is handled in accordance with strict processes under our security policy. Passwords are not shared casually by any staff. The administrator level access is highly limited and periodically reviewed. Daily backup is taken of programs & data and these backup media are maintained off-site. There are adequate virus control and firewall installations.


The Software Development Life Cycle and IT Infrastructure Library Management methodologies as appropriate to the size and type of project are followed at SDSPL. The formal methodology frameworks are not literally applied but rather customised for specific situations.

6d Technologies Inc. is the methodology partner of SDSPL and Ensemble as well as MS Project are other tools utilised by developers and consultants for executing internal projects or client assignments.

Our project consultancy assignments involve joint application development approach which is considerably aided due to the tools used which enable collaboration on an unprecedented scale. With online shareable knowledge repositories of specs, views and solutions proposed, the confidence level of users and developers is heightened considerably. The users appreciate the visibility provided to them during the entire development and deployment period.

Our Team

In a strategic applications development and consulting software company like ours, the people constituting the teams for analysis, development, testing, implementation, maintenance and execution tasks are the key assets. The combination of agile methods and formal methods encourages team members to excel individually and yet work collaboratively.

The team we constitute for execution of each project can comprise of employees or retainers from outside with expertise in diverse areas such as:

  • Business Model Architect
  • Strategist & Business Analyst
  • Business Process Engineers
  • System Consultants
  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Software Engineers – .NET and J2EE
  • Web Developers
  • Technical & Content Writers
  • Quality Control Executives/Testers
  • System Implementers
  • Customer Support Executives
  • Data Processing Executives
  • Hardware and System Administrator
  • Network Security Administrator
  • Trainers


We are constantly looking at hiring good talent. Please apply online to any of the current positions listed. For information, please visit our Career Section, and for current openings at SD, please visit Current Openings.


We have a modern infrastructure with latest computers and software in the western part of Ahmedabad city. The developers work with Open Source, IBM and Microsoft technologies and we have Windows OS and Servers running SQL Server besides a mid-range IBM server running OS/400, WAS with DB2/UDB. The IDE most frequently used is Visual Studio Enterprise Architect from Microsoft and WebSphere Studio for Applications Development from IBM.

All medium and large size projects are managed through Project Management System (from Microsoft) and Ensemble (from Systems Dynamics). These programs help optimise resource usage and also help in tracking the progress and inter-office communication besides knowledge management. Ensemble also helps in automated workflow management.

Our office of over 2500 square feet is located in Thaltej near Drive-in Theatre. The office is easily accessible and many software engineers’ commute time is less than ten minutes between their homes and the office. There are many premium shopping malls, book stalls and entertainment centres in this location which is among the fastest growing areas of Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is ranked as the lowest-cost-of-living metro of India.


We are a team of experienced developers having expertise in both Java and .NET (VB.NET, C#.NET and ASP.NET) platforms with sound knowledge of databases like Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 and MySQL. Our two flagship products on J2EE and .NET platforms involved 400 man-years effort. We used UML, ERD using Visio extensively in creating specifications. We can do data modelling, project management (using MS Project) apart programming assignments. We have deployed large CRM systems using vtiger – coupled with customised extensions in PHP. We can also take up assignments of developing business plans – create presentations in PowerPoint and create or refine financial models using Excel.