Fixed Deposit System (FDS) is an interactive on-line program for managing varied types of deposit schemes. The system allows the user to define his parameters for schemes, which could be of “simple” or “cumulative” types. The interest cheques could be issued in advance or at end of stipulated periods.

Besides the record keeping functions, which include printing of fixed deposit receipts, interest warrants and preparation of statutory returns (to R.B.I.), FDS generates many reports useful to the management.

Report Categories

  • Checklist
  • Interest
  • FDR
  • Multi-FD-holder
  • Interest warrants
  • Managerial requirements (summation)
  • RBI requirement
  • Voucher generation (for FAST)
  • TDS

The package is constantly kept up-to-date with latest government rules.

Product Category
Fixed Deposit Management software, Funds mobilization through deposits / Funds Management

Target Users
Corporations, Banks or Non-banking finance companies

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