SD has developed an integrated set of applications that captures all common operational level data that is generated in most business enterprises. The programs then provides hundreds of queries and reports online to operational level staff as well as the top management and the CEO. The system helps decision making and allows the managers to ask the right questions and energise the team to accomplish common goals. All this happens without having to hire any new staff; most likely hundreds of man-hours of existing staff get released for more productive and innovative work. The functionality can be expanded or modified quickly to suit specific variations. In this sense the user gets the best of both worlds – standardized components coupled with customized ones where needed. You can expect us to maintain the standardized components at a nominal cost and the customized component can be maintained by us or else you can also plan to maintain it in-house. We shall provide you complete transparency and source code where ever required. In this manner you derive major cost and time savings AND gain reliability and business safety and continuity.

We have a model for small and medium sized enterprises in which the entire solution is maintained on our servers and the users just log on via Internet to their menu of tasks that they are authorised to perform. The security is managed by the user’s administrator from his / her office. Users save all investments and hassles of acquiring and managing IT infrastructure. Even very large corporations today are outsourcing the facility management and / or IT infrastructure management to specialists. This helps the entrepreneurs concentrate on their core business without worrying about explosive growth or changes in operating environment which are often stymied by Information Systems that fail to scale quickly or adapt to changes. We can share with you the systems and procedures we follow in managing users’ data and applications so that you can utilize the ”Application Service Provider“ model we offer free of any anxiety.

Larger enterprises that have internal IT manpower and infrastructure can opt for the server binary license for one site or multiple sites. They would then have to acquire the necessary servers and operating system (Windows 2008 Server), data base licenses (Enterprise SQL Server 2008/ SQL Server 2012) from Microsoft.

The client side users in both cases mentioned above need to download the SDBS executable of relevant modules from our website and .NET Framework 4.0+ runtime from (which is free) – with Windows7 no separate downloads are needed.