Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is meant to serve the needs of small to large companies with configurable profile. The profile attributes could be multiple product lines with institutional or retail customers through multiple level distribution channels which may be served through sales personnel in a multi-level hierarchy. The geographies served may be national or international with multiple currencies and time zones. The product and schemes catalogue can be administered centrally and shared with authorised persons within the company or within the distribution channel and field force via Internet.

The sales force can create and follow-up leads and supervisors in the hierarchy can view or reassign priorities or personnel. The sales funnel can be defined through progression stages for each product line. The sales force can enter their measure of confidence in achieving closure in specified time-frames.

Business contacts – influence in buying specific products – organization’s current usage of similar products/services Prospects – in future. Opportunity – when budget committed and timeframe set for acquiring product or service.

Tasks assignment and sharing – collaborative working – preparation and distribution of minutes to other participants so that all key people remain clued in.

Stages – progression time – from one to another – user defined stages – user can mark next follow-up event and mode of contact, CRM can then prompt for leads that are for follow-up action in a time window.

The system can generate forecast based on probabilities of winning orders for specified time windows for product lines and sales persons. The system also helps in administrative tasks like salesmen time and expenses logging, samples received or sent, building contacts directories with referees for products or other customers with characteristics of influence exercised in purchase decisions.

CRM aims to improve the sales staff productivity and effectiveness in making successful sales and building pre-sales customer relationships.

Product Category
Customer Relationship, Sales Force Automation, Contacts Management and follow-up

Target Users
Any business having products or services to sell and that is having or targeting more than ten prospects at any point of time in its sales funnel can improve the productivity of its sales force. The program is browser based and it can work as an independent module, however, maximum benefits accrue owing to its being integrated with SDBS. For e.g. one could use Sales Management System within SDBS for making quotations via CRM. Program can scale from couple of users to thousands of users.

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