Financial Accounting System (FAS) is a robust and comprehensive package to meet the accounting needs of small to large diversified multi-location multi-currency businesses. It is possible to easily import/export data from the package or integrate with other applications so that transactions update the accounts in real-time. Besides meeting all routine book-keeping functions, the program provides for extensions for sales & purchase management, online budgetary control with strictness options. The program supports business units’ hierarchy of “n” levels and it is capable of maintaining general ledger, balance sheet and profit/loss statements at each level for each business unit. It has an auditor’s module that helps in allocating work among multiple auditors and keeping track of each query raised by the auditor through its life cycle. It provides elaborate audit trails.

The program provides for very fine grained security administration. For e.g. permissions of users to access accounts at a given “security level” or their ability to back-date or edit transactions.

Core Benefits

  • Full-fledged book-keeping with drill down and roll-up capabilities
  • Security controllable by functions or limited access to specific accounts
  • Security levels for accounts and access control upto given levels
  • Online query for accounts or transactions – extranet capabilities that could allow employees, suppliers and customers access for viewing their own accounts
  • Auditors’ dashboard and tools
  • No data is entered twice, offsetting based on specific transaction or FIFO or LIFO
  • Voucher entry with templates so that uniformity forced for designated accounts – makes it easier to search through descriptions. Multiple supporting objects (scanned images, text or Word files, worksheets etc.) as supporting documents could be attached to any transaction. Therefore, this feature enables paperless and remote audit.
  • Multiple Administrators and Users managed by respective administrators
  • Transactions could be entered and approved by different people or by the same person at different points of time
  • The accounting errors can be fixed by reversing wrong entry and making new correct entry; wrong entry could be marked as exclude-for-print
  • Receivables / payables with aging and reminder notices
  • One time entry for sales, purchase, cash, bank, debit notes, ledgers, credit notes, journal to reduce redundant entries. Single entry summary posting, which reduces 40% of data storage and entry time
  • Facility to lock entry / editing by dates within specific daybooks – allows staging of auditing work smoothly and safely
  • Budget overruns strictness controllable – could be relaxed online through authorisation tokens like credit card payments
  • Support for automatic contra entry for cash to bank, cash to cash and bank to bank
  • Bridges for data exchange between applications like Sales management, Purchase management, Payroll Management and Inventory Management
  • Master data is centralized for each module. Prevents multiple accounts to be created for the same party
  • User can define templates to get reports with required fields and the same can be applied to multiple forms to get the same effect. Templates for the vouchers can be created in advance.
  • Voucher or entry exclusion by level or flags while printing reports
  • Restrict invalid cheque number entry by comparing with master
  • Balances can be grouped for organization, its subsidiary companies or units
  • Voucher locking and transaction trimming facility
  • Online bank reconciliation and reporting facility


Product Category
Financial accounting solution – Enterprise / Organization / Corporate / Business

Target Users
Small to large businesses or organisations including Manufacturing Industries, Trading Companies, NGOs, Services and Consultancy Companies, Professionals and Retail Shops, Work-shops, Garages etc. The solution is highly scalable and can be implemented with simple to very large chart of accounts with unlimited hierarchical levels.

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