The Fixed Assets Depreciation tracking and management couples with FAS and IMS modules and reports location of each asset, its custodian and warranties obtained from the supplier. It computes depreciation for accounting. Two methods built-in use sinking fund and straight line method (in India these are recommended by statutory authorities – Income Tax and Registrar of Companies). FAD can show the value of assets based on WDV or after revaluation. Upon disposing off assets or revaluing assets, the corresponding financial entries can be generated by FAD.

Core Benefits

  • Fixed Assets Depreciation tracking system works together with Inventory Management and Financial Accounting Systems
  • Support for depreciation calculations by both Income Tax and ROC standards
  • WDV, assets merged/demerged (upgraded or downgraded) reporting
  • Facility for rollback for change in original value of assets and easy recalculations
  • Revaluing of Assets and generating transactions
  • History Management reporting of assets
  • Write-off facility for Assets based on parameters of asset’s value
  • Rollback facility up to three years transaction

Product Category
Fixed Assets management, Finance management software, Written Down Value of assets, Valuation of Assets

Target Users
Any large or small company with large number of assets

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