Inventory Management System (IMS) is a comprehensive companion program to Financial Accounting System, Purchase and Sales Management modules of SDBS package. It is designed to meet the stock accounting needs of small to large trading or manufacturing companies that may be diversified multi-location multi-currency businesses. It includes MRP-1 functionality – based on user input forecast or production plan, the program generates bill of material and net input requirements of materials. These requirements can be converted to purchase order recommendations after reviewing the stocks on hand, stocks on order and consumption rates all of which are tracked and reported by IMS. The standard item rates and standard recipes (or bill of material for each intermediate of finished item) help in reporting consumption and price variances based on production and consumption data. IMS thus works as a stock accounting and a management control reporting system.

The program provides for a robust security administration.

Core Benefits

  • Full-fledged stock accounting program; unlimited centres, 99 transaction types that are user defined; all labels are user defined
  • Item categories in “n” levels of hierarchy
  • Item tracking by batch and serial number also possible
  • Items can have multiple “standard” or custom defined units mapped to a single SKU
  • Suppliers to items is a many to many relation and history of quotes, deliveries maintained for vendor performance
  • Consumption rates for forecasting can be historical or linked to future plans; Material Requirement Planning for multiple plans / horizons with make or buy options
  • Stock alerts for timely procurement
  • FSN, ABC and XYZ analysis
  • Unlimited classifications, e.g. safety, storage, transportation hazards
  • Multiple Valuation methods, Wtd.Avg., Last Purchase/Sales, FIFO etc
  • Online query for stocks, stocks too low or too high etc.
  • Online query for pending orders
  • Multiple price and product catalogues. With each item, photos, specifications and other objects can be attached. This enables managing complete product content with due security and avoids hassles of multiple (obsolete) versions among users from different groups – designing, engineering, sales or customers/suppliers.
  • Quality Assurance – standards and optional or mandatory processes, deviations reporting
  • Planned Maintenance – Calendar based or Usage based schedules with Job Cards issuance with details of skills level wise hours, items and tools required to carry out maintenance; breakdown events capture, reporting key performance indicators


Product Category
Inventory Management solution – Enterprise / Manufacturing / Trading Business

Target Users
Small to large businesses or organisations including Manufacturing Industries, Trading Companies, NGOs, Services and Consultancy Companies, Professionals and Retail Shops, Work-shops, Garages etc. The solution is highly scalable and can be implemented with complex Bill-of-materials situations.

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