Sales Management is a robust tool for managing your day-to-day sales. It has all features, which are basic necessity of any business. Sales Management facilitates you to set itemized pricing, send quotations based on requirements, generate invoices, reconciliation of orders, integration with Financial Accounts and reporting for sales personnel performance measurement. You can get all sales registers to enable filing of tax returns (GST compliant).

Core Benefits

  • Facility to apply multiple charges for same item based on category
  • Automatic calculation for predefined sequence of charges i.e. GST (replaces sales tax, vat) One form entry to provide ease to user
  • Facility to allocate items and products as sample (un-billable) or billable
  • Only one time configuration leads to automatic calculation of price based on percentage given
  • One click report generation
  • Facility to add or introduce schemes
  • Manage and generate sales person review, analysis and report
  • Help in sales appraisals: sales person or area wise
  • All sales transactions can be directly exported to Financial Accounting System / Inventory Management with just one click
  • Facility to allocate region wise pricing for same products based on category given
  • Invoice generation for Post / Cum / Pre delivery
  • Easy sales register management


Product Category
Sales Management software, which is a basic requirement for any business, corporate or enterprise

Target Users
For each organization that has sales department. Customized software can be used by Small business, Mid business unit, Corporate or Enterprise.

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