SD has developed different niche applications for many industries. Few examples:

For the textiles industry, it has developed a quantitative model for product-mix optimisation and simulation which can also be adapted for scheduling and capacity planning so as to improve predictability of deliveries. The maximizing of contribution and/or timely delivery with the best utilization of resources are tasks that have been traditionally performed manually by very experienced managers. With the help of this solution, the managers’ time is freed, resource utilization improves and customers get greater visibility and confidence with timely deliveries – improving both the top line and bottom line of the textiles unit – both spinning and composite units can use the system.

For the dairy industry SD has developed a delivery management and accounting system. The system helps to streamline the time bound and labour intensive tasks that lead to optimal routes, zero accounting and delivery mistakes and hassle-free operations.

For industrial gases manufacturing and distribution industry SD has developed a cylinder tracking system which helps the enterprise to manage the biggest asset block that has the greatest impact on improving the bottom line. The asset utilization pattern of each customer can also help in differential pricing and servicing the best customers for improving the top line.