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  • Increase customer traffic Keep the growing market of unbanked consumers coming back to you for valuable service. Customers love to use their finger as ID for fast and secure check cashing.
  • Generate more profits Our Payroll Check Cashing System is a cost-effective system that provides real value. With reduced fraud, streamlined operations, and increased store traffic, it won’t take long to add to your bottom line.
  • Eliminate check fraud With fingerprint scanning, our system detects repeat offenders – no matter whose check they have – to stop them from cashing another bad check. Plus, the fingerprint scanner stops most “check runners” from even trying to cash a bad check.
  • Keep Good customers Honest customers always return to a business that knows and trusts them, and many tell their friends and co-workers about our Check Cashing System.
  • Reduce owner involvement You can set limits on tellers based on the amount and information access. You can thus let the system control the transactions and reduce your involvement in day-to-day activities.
  • Maintain Customer History Easily identify your good customers and turn away the bad. Each enrolled customer’s record includes photo, contact information and check cashing history within your store. After a quick fingerprint scan, the clerk confirms identity and views the previous store activity- including any special notes or negative activity throughout the network.
  • Handle Multiple check types Add various types of checks that you cater to in addition to the standard ones already input into the system.
  • Flexible Fee Structure Configure the system to recommend the fee structure defined by the manager. Set fixed, variable, verification and returned check charges for each type of check.

Ease of use

  • Identify customers using fingerprint No need to enter customer information, just use his finger print and retrieve all his previous transactions and records.
  • Scan checks using check scanners Quicken the transaction by reading the MICR data off the checks via a scanner. Also capture front and back images for sending to the banks.
  • Scan and save photo IDs Keep a record of all photo IDs the customer has brought to the store. This way his records can be retrieved even if your finger print machine is not working or your customer has a cut on his finger.
  • Set you own rules A fee table helps you customize fees based on the amount of the check. The fee to charge and amount to pay the customer are automatically calculated, or the clerk can override during a transaction.
  • Speedy transactions Handle more transactions in less time. Repeat customers only need to supply their finger as ID for fast, accurate identification. With instant access to a customer’s picture, contact information and check cashing history, there is less need to check IDS, call a bank or call the check maker.
  • Fine Security and Control Make categories of employees and define their rights on who can view, edit and create which transaction and report.
  • Access Evidence Reports System can provide the merchant a report that includes the customer’s picture, check image(s), and other important customer and transaction information that aids in the recovery process.

Why us?

  • Multi-store data sharing and reporting The system supports access to multiple store information via one login. So if you have multiple stores in multiple locations you just need internet access to work of the system.
  • Benefits of Technology For multi-location stores one does not have to setup infrastructure and invest in database and servers to run the system. All you need is broadband internet connection.
  • Share negative data nationwide The EZCash4Check network maintains a secure database that shares bad check and customer activity with all Check Cashing System merchants. Merchants are alerted if someone is attempting to pass another bad check at any other EZcash4check user.
  • Government compliance reminders Check cashers have a huge burden to comply with the government’s massive reporting requirements. We help you keep a track of all the renewals and submission dates for each center. Generate fraud reports at the click of a button for the customer in the formats required by the government.
  • Compare check images Keep front and back images of checks with each transaction in a structured database for easy retrieval and processing. You can also compare checks of the same issuer given previously with a click of a button.


  • Use with or without finger print scanner and check reader Whether you are starting a check cashing store or want to start the service of check cashing at your existing store and do not want to invest in a finger print scanner or check reader then our system will work on manual basis too. Also in the event a finger print scanner or check reader is not working, your store can still operate.

Reporting / Tracking

  • Center Daily Performance A single report gives you a complete overview of the days activities at a particular center. Figures like outstanding, opening balance, closing balance and all the transactions between them with all relative details like fees charged and cash value cashed.
  • License and Report Reminders Single center or multiple, system will help you keep a track of all your reporting and license renewal deadlines for each center.
  • Track performance of Issuer and Customer Track history of checked received of issuers and customers. Issuers also will be flagged and you will be warned of their previous bad checks.

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