Cylinder Accounting Tracking System (CATS) is useful to industrial gas manufacturers or gas distributors who use a large number of cylinders and/or service many customers. Gas cylinders in this business constitute the main cost. Tracking as well as watching the turn around time of a large number of cylinders through multiple locations is beyond the capacity of manual systems.

Core Benefits

  • CATS can report status of any given cylinder or show complete cylinder holding position of any customer along with the number of days each cylinder has been lying at a particular location.
  • CATS also calculates rent (for “overdue” cylinders) and generates bills besides printing full record of receipts and issues of empty/filled cylinders through various points (filling station/ depots/ customers etc.).
  • CATS also keeps track of inspection due dates and last painting date of each cylinder.
  • CATS is an on-line system and supports extensive enquiries. It has the necessary interface with FAST for exporting rent bill data through files.

Product Category
Product Accounting and Tracking System, Cylinder Accounting and Tracking System

Target Users
Gas Cylinder provider, Gas Agency, Gas provider