PACS is a full-fledged Payroll Accounting package and it can be independently installed as a part of SDBS. PACS performs following functions.

  • Processing of monthly wages
  • Leave accounting
  • Loan accounting
  • Arrears handling
  • Income Tax calculation
  • Leave encashment calculation
  • Vouchers generation & link to FAS (SDBS)
  • A user-task level security enforceable throughout the package
  • User operations recorded in a log file for audit

It provides extensive parameterisation in terms of employee categories, allowances and deductions. Loans and leave types can also be user defined. Automatic increments or manual increments can be effected. The program complies with Indian tax laws.

Core Benefits
PACS automates and saves time and enhances accuracy of all payroll related functions. Employees feel satisfied with neatly printed records and reliable current information.

Program has backup, log trimming, user access rights administration and Year-end utilities.

Product Category
Enterprise Level Pay Roll Accounting and Staff Leave and Loans Administration

Target Users
Corporate, Business Units and any other Organization having large number of employees

PACS – Customizations & Extensions
It is already linked with FAS of SDBS.

Hardware / Software / Platform Requirements

  • Windows 2000 or higher
  • Microsoft Framework version 1.1
  • 20 GB HDD

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