Systems Dynamics has developed and deployed a program People Expertise Matching System (PEMS), which accurately maps the expertise of people and matches work seekers with work providers’ requirements. All PEMS offerings are available on a server license or as SaaS subscription model.

The product PEMS has multiple brands and portals. These are tabulated below:

Product Offering (Brand) Target User / Purpose
RecruitPRO Medium & Large size units for external recruitment
EMMS (Employee Expertise Mapping & Matching System) Medium & Large Units employing knowledge workers for finding experts & appropriate allocation of work
PEMS (People Expertise Matching System) VCP (Virtual Campus Placement) Colleges, Training Institutes for placing students, building recruiters and alumni repository
RPS (Recruitment & Placement System) Recruiting agents for improving productivity & client satisfaction
EE Solution Employee Exchanges run by Government (Department of Labour, Employment and Training)
  • PEMS’s generalised system of capturing expertise and matching is effective across all demographics and disciplines.
  • Intelligent matching with the help of dynamic hierarchical ontologies
  • Verification stamping of averments in profiles
  • Custom questions for capturing open-ended and close-ended answers from applicants
  • Online surveys and opinion polls supported
  • Special interest group formation  and worthy cause support declaration