One of the most important challenges before any Government anywhere is undoubtedly the one of providing employment to the workforce in its populace. In developing countries, the problem gets accentuated due to rapidly growing population. As more youth enter the workforce every year, due to spread of mobile phones, reach of electronic media across rural as well as urban areas, the aspirations of people continues to rise and churn rate also increases.

The Employee Exchange (EE) solution proposed by Systems Dynamics (SD) matches work opportunities with work seekers and helps in providing vocational training to bridge the supply demand gap between work seekers and work providers and also provides counseling. The program can be offered on the cloud by utilizing SD’s servers.

  • High precision multimedia profiles can be generated by the program for both work seekers and work providers
  • The program caters to unskilled labourer as well as to an experienced professional and expert
  • SD’s solution is consistent with ILO’s (International Labour Organisation) standards of classifications of Occupation Titles and Industries classifications
  • System supports intermediaries – English speaking Net savvy people can work directly via web site whereas others can approach government’s points of presence (e.g. employment exchange officers or thousands of Village Level Entrepreneurs manning the Common Services Centres which exist in all remote rural areas as well as cities)
  • Tariffs can be designed to charge work provider as well as work seeker and share part of the fee with the franchisee wherever necessary
  • Automated matching and ranking of best options – program reports successful and best matches to both seekers & providers – sophisticated techniques are used that produce relevant short-lists without manual intervention
  • Matched results are reported by both email and SMS
  • Program is able to serve the needs of large numbers of people at the base of the pyramid because a) it is generalized across all demographics and disciplines and b) it uses a unique methodology incorporating short-listing & communications