Finding and receiving help or a tip from the best expert in the organisation without delay or fuss can have a positive impact on the quality of work, compressing time lines and encouraging collaboration in a workforce. Having a large number of knowledge and skilled workers with new learning happening every day present a challenge and at the same time an opportunity to the organisation. What would it take to unlock value from its dynamic knowledge and experience bank? EMMS helps an organisation acquire this capability.

Expertise Mapping and Matching System (EMMS) is an innovative solution developed by Systems Dynamics (SD) that a large organisation can deploy to target the abovementioned problem and address the opportunity to leverage its human capital. It is offered as a SaaS model or on a server license.

Leveraging human capital demands not only engaging the best available talent to do a specific job (long-term) but also to do an assignment (short-term) or solve an urgent problem (now). In large organisations, at any given time, it is not unusual to have hundreds of project or delivery managers with requirements and people facing specific questions which are “opportunities”. But the opportunity providers don’t connect with the best people simply because of lack of a system. EMMS can mitigate this problem in a very significant measure.

  • Talent finding within the organisation made easy
  • Attributes of human expertise managed by dynamic hierarchical ontologies ensures relevant and precision hiring for execution of work
  • Employees can create a detailed and precise portfolio through a web form enriched with multimedia objects
  • Verification stamping of averments in profiles
  • Positions can be created with custom questions to which applicants can respond with open ended or close ended answers
  • Customized reports creation for better analysis and decision making
  • System is capable of sending SMS – predefined and custom messages