Recruitment & Placement System (RPS) developed by Systems Dynamics (SD) is aimed at improving productivity of recruiting agents and placement agencies thus ensuring client (work provider) satisfaction and benefits to work seekers. The RPS system works on the proposed methodology of People Expertise & Matching System (PEMS) that is designed to capture human expertise accurately and finding relevant matches for an efficient and cost-effective recruitment solution.

The RPS solution aids the recruiting agencies in sourcing the candidates, short-listing for available job positions and tracking the progress of recruitment till the very end. This solution can operate on a server license or can be offered on the cloud by utilizing SD’s servers.

  • High precision profiling and short-listing
  • Single Repository – from all sources
  • Save Time – shortlist first and read profiles later
  • Increase placement ratio
  • Quick communication – sms and email to short-listed candidates with a single click
  • Verification stamping by authorised verifiers for lending credibility to work seeker
  • Build your Brand and reputation, get more business