People Manager and Organizer enables creation of a single repository of organised information about all people in your universe (social, business, relatives, contacts, competitors, suppliers etc.). This data may otherwise remain scattered and often inaccessible when needed.

The program does much more than merely store the information found in visiting cards. Besides the individual’s name, designation, company name, address and contact numbers, the program stores many additional data items, which are used as attributes (categories, dates, relationships, descriptive text data) as well as indexes for quick retrieval.

The program provides quick searches through pop up windows in which the codes/values may be scrolled for viewing prior to selecting. By specifying only a part of the “text string”, only the matching entries are scanned. A complete scan by specifying “?” in the first position of name can also be achieved. Thus the user need not remember any codes!

Retrieval of records could be done by user specified criteria. Many indexes are provided in the program. A single query response time is typically a fraction of a second. The selected record can be used for label printing, listings etc.

Core Benefits

  • Helps in creating a neatly printed pocket edition of a telephone directory wherein each entry is placed twice in alphabetic order – once by the name of the individual and second time by the name of the company!
  • Contact nos. that can be stored and printed are Direct, Office, Residence, fax, pager, mobile and E-mail. An expanded format with addresses & contact nos. is also available.
  • Helps in creating instantaneous mailing lists and labels for various occasions/ events by offering selection criteria, which include classifications / dates / cities etc.
  • View records by specifying selection criteria.
  • Export selected names/addresses to Word Processors for use in Mail Merge.
  • Use Anniversary dates and classifications to produce lists/labels not just for wedding anniversary greetings but also for reminding yourself/your secretary about renewals of insurance policies, driving license, passport, statutory inspections/ audits, review of increments of your staff etc.
  • The “Remarks” field stores/displays your comments in two lines of text.
  • “Memo” allows a detailed note. Multiple memos by dates may be created with specified reminder date.


Special Services
If you already have a large amount of data in some other format, you need not deprive yourself of the benefits of using PMO. Just send us the existing data structure or specimen data records. If your data is in the form of a flat ASCII file or a dBASE file, we will send you a program to load the existing data into the PMO database to start you off promptly! A modest fee will be charged for providing this service. Import/export services from within the program are proposed in the next release!!!

Product Category
Public Relation Management Software, People Management Tool, People Organizer software.

Target Users
Any Organization, Corporate, Industry

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