Time Management for Employees (TIME), a comprehensive time logging program which is part of SDBS, is designed to help the managers allocate assignments, allocate working hours, monitor progress of work completion against actual hours, and create summary and performance reports client/project/employee wise.

Core Benefits
TIME is needed by all professionals companies and also where employees time is billable to clients or where employees work on multiple projects or assignments. Apart from logging time, employees can state problems or issues which their supervisor must attend to or else escalate to higher levels.

The managers can plan ahead for any time period and then monitor the progress.

  • TIME records daily work with notes
  • TIME has a repository of persons, clients, projects and tasks list with user defined man-day rates for different employees and processes. This helps in billing for time of employees.
  • TIME helps in project costing, employee appraisal and serves as an advance warning system.

Product Category
Time Sheet, Time Billing, Project Management program

Target Users
Any organization with white collar workers

Customizations & Extensions
TIME is integrated with Business Process Modeling and FAS programs which are a part of SDBS.

Hardware / Software / Platform Requirements

  • Windows 2000 or higher
  • Microsoft Framework version 1.1
  • 20 GB HDD

Request for more information
To get more information for TIME Management please make an Enquiry or email on sd@sdindia.com.