Most of the information handled by “knowledge workers” is unstructured, however, ironically even in the most intensively computerised organisations, this data is generally left unmanaged. Today the mass of data bloats by the hour and it is very large and scattered. With each user having hundreds of megabytes of data on her PC and each business unit with hundreds of gigabytes of data storage, surveys have revealed that office workers spend major part of their working hours either “hunting” for information or collating it before sharing it. With multiple views, versions and problems or programs, the managers lose traction and the efforts of workers get out of synch. Supposedly collaborators, with shared values and committed to a common vision, most individuals in fact have highly varied understandings of the business, its organisation structure, its processes and priorities and they constantly struggle to communicate with each other. Quick reactions, shuffling priorities and redeploying manpower/resources are essential today for survival. This volatility causes stresses that can scarcely be managed with conventional systems, including ERP or mailing packages or project management or desktop searching programs.


Highly networked organisations, of any size, can aspire to become “learning and quick response organisations” with the help of ENSEMBLE – a package with combination of functionalities of knowledge & process management and enriched communications. This package allows the leaders to share their vision and architect their organisations, the managers to gain traction and the workers to collaborate and feel empowered. The processes can be shared with a project management system where required.

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