Objective of this program:

“To enhance the quality of all collaborative activities in an organization and align them to achieve organizational goals.”

The tool empowers employees through knowledge sharing and enabling intelligent communication in a well-defined and managed working environment.

Work Flow Management leverages IT in a strategic way. It aligns collaborative efforts of all individuals in an organization. It is a very power tool that helps to plan and communicate business policy, responsibility allocation, managing work assignments, improving business practices, communication tracking, process and organization modeling and knowledge management.

In the WFM you can define any of the business processes, steps and checkpoints. This helps enforce standards and monitor them. It is possible to define flexible workflows that may not follow a standard pattern but change dynamically depending upon outcomes of each constituent process or decision variable. It is possible to build and share templates and customise – this saves time and yet preserves good practices. The program sports a personalized Dash Board with counters and alerts for messaging, tasks and workflows. It has convenient ways of writing memos with multiple pointers to objects of interest, product, process, problem, issue etc., which are selectable from managed hierarchical lists. Memos can have multiple attached objects. The program uses pointers for sharing the same memo or object without replicating files and bloating storage which is the bane of many prevalent systems. Managers can get traction with their staff, manage business processes, priorities and work lists with advanced reporting facility.

Core Benefits

  • Standardisation and monitoring of business processes
  • Advance reporting for business process, performance and management
  • Generalised building blocks – define simple to complex workflows which are done in seconds or in weeks
  • Dash board to draw attention to important things
  • HR allocation and team management with performance monitoring for each process
  • Customisation and updating facility of business process
  • Multiple activation and termination point settings for workflows
  • Task sharing help remind and mitigate risks due to forgetfulness
  • Web enabled program
  • Time duration and timeline management facility for each process and workflows
  • Quality of collaboration improves
  • Messaging through SMS or conventional email also supported

The above benefits ultimately result in a superior working environment in which people feel empowered and try to contribute more

Product Category
Business Process Management system, Knowledge Management and Work Flow management software, Enterprise Communication Tracking System

Target Users
For any organization having over 10 employees with majority having access to a computer network

The software package comprises of several modules like,

  • Organization Model
  • Process Model
  • Employee Database
  • Interaction Model
  • Knowledge Base: Documents, Blobs, Files, Papers, Forms, Products, Services, Contracts, Projects, Tasks, Resource Persons, Assets, Anecdotes, Lessons Learnt & Dictionary

For individuals, regardless of their position in the hierarchy, it offers a terrific opportunity to escalate problems/issues/ideas and for managers this serves as an early warning system. Big organizations, despite their “n” levels of hierarchy, can become fleet footed.

WFM – Customizations & Extensions
This system called “Ensemble” is part of Systems Dynamics Business Suite – SDBS. It is integrated with all other modules of SDBS.

Request for more information
To get more information for WFM please make an Enquiry or email on sd@sdindia.com.