Cinema Evaluation program is advertising planning program, which has details of town level theatres and Multiplexes as base. One can plan for suitable advertising timings and place, based on the screens and timing slots of each theatre/ multiplex. Using these options and category of theatres, advertiser can plan to screen his own products and services in beginning / intervals. This is basically local/ geographical media planning software.

Why to Use? Core Benefits

  • Cinema Evaluation program requires respondent level data of media habits which can be sourced from Market Research companies, viz. IMRB and a town level directory of theatres (Class A, B and C theatres) and populations (total, adult males and adult females).
  • A users’ plan in terms of theatre screening weeks in each town and the candidate theatres chosen are the major inputs. Cinema Evaluation Program generates town-wise Reach and OTS distribution of the users plan.

Product Category
Media / Ad Planning Software, Ad/ Publishing Management tool

Target Users
Any Organization, Business or Corporate

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