Electronic Advertisement Booking (eAD) program allows all users – the press, ad agency and the direct advertisers to do business via the web. The publications can publish their tariffs, the ad agency or the direct advertisers can make inquiries, get estimates, place release orders, submit ad image or content and get confirmations of the ad. The payments can also be made by the users directly to the publications or the agency. The processes of press advertising can thus be run very efficiently and conveniently without geographical constraints.

This program is generalised and it can handle all types of ads, not just classified ads. Publications can define packages with multiple insertions within one publication or across multiple publications and multiple editions.

Because of the easy accessibility and the capability to compare the tariffs within the same publication and across publications, many more direct advertisers can approach the publications using this solution.

SD can provide the use of this solution through a Application Service Provider model on a subscription basis or even provide a server license to a large publication house.

Benefits / Features

  • For Publications:
    > Tariffs published on the web can be kept current easily and securely by them – advertisers and agencies could refer to it 24 x 7 from anywhere
    > Direct advertisers can book business 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world – translates into larger business at bigger margins
    > Agencies can handle large volume of business without straining the administrative overheads of publications
  • For Ad Agencies:
    > Book and track Release Orders conveniently and efficiently
    > Latest information and easy comparisons on tariffs and packages
    > Less administrative expense in processing orders and bill passing
  • For Direct Advertisers:
    > Latest information and easy comparisons for best buys
    > Convenience in placing orders and ad material submission


Product Category
Online Press ad booking software
Press Ad estimation & Planning Software

Target Users
Publication house, Press, Ad Agency, Direct Individual Advertiser, Corporate advertisers, Classified advertisers, Recruitment Advertisers, Matrimonial advertisers

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