Press Selection Aid is powerful tool designed to help hands on media planners pick publications from a large database based on readership, circulation and cost per insertion data. Lists and reports of chosen publications with the data of readership among target audiences can be generated. Interactively, this leads to preparation of a press plan within a given budget.

Core Benefits

  • PSA helps the planner save hours of work every time a press plan has to be made.
  • PSA utilises the respondent level data of media habits which can be sourced from Market Research companies, viz. IMRB and a publications database to generate various lists and reports of publications’ readership among target audience.
  • PSA can be used interactively to develop a press plan within an approved budget. Ideally PSA should be used as a companion program of PEP (though it can be installed independently).
  • PSA can create data files, which can be provided to media operations department.
  • The media exposure tables generated by PSA enable a planner to quickly estimate the target audiences’ exposure to various media, and, therefore, the extent to which the budgets may be allocated to each media’s advertising plans.

Product Category
Press / Newspaper advertising selection & planning software

Target Users
Media Planner, Large press advertisers

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