Theatres Ticketing System is a generalised program designed for theatre owners in India. Program helps in managing operations of ticketing and allotment of seats to buyers for current show or for advance booking. The specifications were developed jointly with the customer and a state government nominated expert for compliance with the entertainment tax rules. It conforms to the Gujarat State Government’s entertainment tax rules, however, it could be customised according to the needs of other government rules, Multiplexes for multiple screens etc.

Benefits / Features

  • The system maintains ticket series and supports audit trail for sales, unutilised or returned tickets
  • All tax reports are generated
  • Available seating can be made visible at the time of booking
  • Rules can be enforced on maximum single booking etc.

Product Category
Theatres Accounting, Ticketing Cinema Halls and Multiplexes

Target Users
Cinema Halls, Multiplex owners, Theatre Halls

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