STEPS automates complete trading cycle transactions – enquiry through invoicing and its realisation. There are eighteen generic intermediate transactions, e.g. enquiry to supplier (if the trader indents), quotation received from supplier, quotation made to customer, order received from customer etc. STEPS aims to collapse the time taken for each transaction through a paperless collaborative working environment, cut down errors, improve decision making with the help of meaningful comparisons of prices, conversion ratios, delivery records, payment regularity etc.

STEPS can alert the user to take timely action before due dates are crossed and help to focus attention on the activities that are pending. This is just a sample list of questions that STEPS can answer:

1. Inquiries received but quotation not sent?
2. Quotations sent but orders not received?
3. Order received from customer but suppliers’ orders not placed?
4. Supplier delivery not effected to Forwarding Agent?
5. Forwarding Agent’s delivery not effected to customer?
6. Invoice not raised on customer?
7. Payment not received against invoices?

Benefits / Features

1. Ranking of customers by order value (Total-to-date & Year-to-date)
2. Customerwise ratio of enquiries received to orders placed
3. Supplier – part list (with most recently quoted price)
4. Part – supplier list ( – do – in descending order )
5. Supplier statistics ( enquiries sent / orders placed)
6. Enquiries received in a period
7. Orders received in a period
8. Deliveries effected in a period
9. As on a date/time the COMPLETE STATUS of business in one page in terms of pending enquiries, orders, deliveries, payment etc.
10. Tens or hundreds of thousands parts could be searched in seconds while making transactions – no need to enter a part or customer or supplier data more than once
11. Neatly printed reports and transactions with options of email, fax or hard copy for each transaction

Product Category
Trading and stocks management system, Office automation, Engineering spares system

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