Enabling Schools | Engaging Parents | Building Communities

A student’s development is the collective responsibility of parents, teachers & the school. The Schoolmint service enables each of you to drive all round student progress.

Schoolmint provides a unique platform that –

  • Provides parents with a well rounded view of the child’s development
  • Improves teacher and school efficiency
  • Leverage the wider community to strengthen the school brand

Works effortlessly with existing School Systems & Processes –

  • Zero Infrastructure requirement from schools
  • No additional hardware or software required
  • Can be up and running in a school in less than 3 weeks
  • Compatible with your current school management system
  • Works equally effectively in standalone environment

Benefits to Parents

  • Easy access to the child’s progress anytime. The dinner table conversations can now be more productive
  • Reports and trends to better understand the child’s strengths and progress
  • Contact school and teachers via email or online
  • The school can swiftly get in touch with you anytime in case of emergencies
  • Know about the school’s new initiatives
  • No more desperate running around – everything from uniforms, books and even piano lessons available at a few clicks

Student 360°


  • Results – Attendance – Yearly Trends
  • Identify Strengths & Weakness
  • Behavioural Notes – Student & Class Profile


  • Activities – Awards & Recognition

Reports & Analysis

  • Simple yet Powerful Reporting
  • Covers Academics & Extra-curriculars
  • Student & Class Trends
  • Insights on student progress for Parents
  • Timely views to identify special attention needs for teachers


  • Online Bulletins – Discussion Forums
  • Email – SMS
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Online Teacher Notes – Online School Feedback
  • Latest School & faculty Information


  • Class, Student and School Dashboards
  • Attendance – Leave Applications – RFID Automation
  • Grading – Automated Reports
  • Activity Management
  • Maintain Timetable, Holidays, Bus Route, Lunch Menu
  • Create Exam Schedule, House & School Events
  • Publish Announcements, Principal’s Messages, Newsletters