lients who wish to make investment decisions in information systems including hardware and communication systems have sought consultancy services from us in the past. We can suggest using ready made solutions, sourced from us or even from third parties, or customised software. This is normally preceded by a requirements study which follows an analysis of the business objectives and the goals to be pursued over the next ten years by the management group.

We can work on the basis of a project with a start and finish date or else as retainer consultants. The latter type of assignment aims to keep your IT infrastructure and IT resource persons in the best shape possible.

With new technologies emerging every month and the need to train people in new systems or methodologies, there is a continuous requirement in many organisations for impartial and competent advice. The deliverables may be acquisition plans for hardware, software and human resources, training programs or negotiations and drafting of purchase contracts.

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oday many companies are realising that their Information Systems are out dated and cannot keep pace with the demands of changing environment. Throwing money into hardware and expensive ERP systems seems to be the easy way out. However, this may not make you competitive rather you may become subservient to a monster that keeps on devouring resources and is quite unbending in accommodating your priorities or need for simple data.

To keep from getting seduced by fashionable solutions and gizmos, it is best to create a dynamic IT strategy and suitable information architecture. Our Information Strategy Planning study can be completed in weeks or couple of months and its deliverable is a complete process model starting with the mission, objectives and goals of the organisation, a suitable organisation model that will implement the processes, and the resources that will be required by organisation units that are designated as owners of the processes.

The systems that will be required to support the processes and the mode of implementation – batch, online, distributed, web-enabled, manual or heuristic or hybrid system that would best execute the program. The ISP report will help you size and commit the needed investment to achieve the defined targets. If you so choose, we will also give you the software that will help you maintain the plan so that it stays in synch with changing environment and priorities. As you transition from old ways to the new systems and new ways of working, new problems can arise and the model must be capable of changing. We will also train the users quickly so that they will independently drive the model and manage the repositories of various projects and resources.

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hile many systems remain the same across verticals, ready-made programs may not be the best fit. It is possible for the developers of such solutions to customise quickly. However, frequently the problem is that the standard solution and customisation tasks are performed by different organisations. This leads to cost escalations and systems inefficiencies. Today the software development methodologies, code writing and testing have been significantly automated. Many managers are not aware of just how much productivity gain and/or reliability are achievable by using such tools and training the staff. As a result they continue to believe that ERP solutions offer the best option even when customised solutions would be most appropriate today.

The fact is that while ERP packages save software development time and cost, however, they more than offset the savings due to the high cost of implementation. The cost includes the price to be paid in adapting practices to the requirements of the package rather than the other way round.

SD has comprehensive business suite of common applications. Using formal methodologies, it is capable of delivering the most demanding customised solution to any organisation. It can tailor-make a training program and maintenance program for the client organisation that could be delivered at site or via the web.

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T investments are constantly climbing and it is no longer a trivial task to balance business needs and IT budgets for hardware, software, communications and manpower acquisitions and training.

With myriad of technologies and multiple vendors, it is not possible for a single individual to opine the best buy. The task of recommending becomes even more complex or rather uncertain when the total business ecosystem is not understood.

SD can undertake to steer the IT investments by maintaining your business model through its own software tool and providing impartial advice on technologies and vendor selection based on the experience of its consultants and bench-marking done for specific evaluations. SD can also advise on drafting of purchase contracts and negotiations.

The payback on the above consultancy is less than a year in most cases.


fter providing customers our software products or customised software our services do not stop. Our deliverables include technical support through a formal system called Alert Management System (AMS), binary code maintenance through Annual Maintenance Contract and also Customised programs source code maintenance.

AMS is accessible by authorised licensed users 24 x 7. AMS tracks each issue – suggestion or complaint, submitted by users through its life cycle, from the time of its submission until it is reported as resolved, i.e. it must be closed by the user and not our support personnel. Customers can check the status of each “alert” raised by them and escalate its priority at any time. This system is designed to provide transparency and confidence to users of our software worldwide and it serves to provide our product managers, traction with our system implementers, trainers and developers who resolve problems and issues of the users promptly. We use response times and number of alerts or incidences among the different KPIs. The product and service personnel know how these affect their ratings.

MS informs through email the coordinators named by licensees, whenever changes are made or database used in the applications is revised. The licensees must name contract administrator, program/master data distribution manager, training coordinator from their organisation.

Binary code maintenance program ensures that users get regular updates and bug fixes. Extra charges become applicable only for significant enhancements announced in new releases. The updated programs are downloadable via the web site through license registration process. Binary code maintenance cost ranges from 12% to 18% per annum while source code maintenance varies from 18% to 25% per annum. Specific contracts may stipulate different rates.

Another deliverable is our web based training program. Standard or customised training programs can be scheduled for users as per the agreed terms of the license or specific requests.

For us, success of users of our products and services is the best testimonial and also the driver of our business growth.

Apart from AMS, users can also use the email window in the “Quick contact” section or write to us at sd@sdindia.com.